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Information for New Participants
Preparing Your Child for the First Dental Visit
One very helpful way that you can do is to get your child familiarize with a dental clinic environment. You can take your child with you when you attend your dental appointment for regular examination. Such visit would be good for your child just to observe without the need to worry what might happen to him or her.

Before your child's first dental visit, please avoid making negative comments, using dental personnel as a threat for acquiring your child's compliance or dramatizing your personal dental experience. All these may arouse unnecessary fear and misconception. Our emphasis is on prevention, and a successful first dental visit will lead your child to a healthier oral condition and a happier lifestyle in the years to come.
Providing up-to-date Dental and Medical History
Your child's medical history is very important to us. It can affect our diagnosis and the formulation of an appropriate treatment plan for your child. Hence, it is essential that you update your child's medical history with us at all times.
If there is any change in your child's medical condition, please inform us immediately. For details, please contact the staff of your child's designated school dental clinic.
At each dental visit, please also notify our clinical staff of your child's oral condition such as toothache that may require immediate attention or dental treatment that your child has received at places other than the School Dental Care Service. Information you provided would be helpful for us to provide the most suitable treatment for your children.
Arrangement for the First Consultation
Participants of the School Dental Care Service are entitled to preventive and basic dental care for one year. The service starts in November each year and finishes at the end of October the year after . Students would be scheduled to visit their designated school dental clinic to have their first dental consultation. For those who have urgent dental problems that require immediate attention, the use of our emergency dental service could be considered.