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About Us

Service Arrangement
Annual Dental Check-up
Students go to School Dental Clinic by bus. Students enrolled in our service will receive an annual dental check-up. With the agreement from schools, P1 to P5 students attend their designated clinics with one return bus trip from their schools. As for P6 students, we arrange for them to visit our clinics outside their school hours. If you want to take a look at the clinic environment, please watch this video.
Provision of updated information on medical history
Your child's medical history is an important piece of information that could affect our diagnosis and formulation of treatment plan for your child. Hence, it is essential that up-to-date information should be provided to us at all times.
If there is any change in your child's medical condition, please inform us immediately. For details, please contact the staff of your child's designated school dental clinic.
Patient and his parent is giving information at the clinic registry.
Arrangement on Day with Bad Weather
Logo of the Hong Kong Observatory Appointment would be cancelled in case of typhoon signal number 8 or above or when Black Rainstorm is hoisted. Please call individual designated school dental clinic for new appointment on the next working day or after.
*Provided by Hong Kong Observatory