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Dental therapist

Joining the Service

Students are waiting happily in the waiting hall of the clinic. Starting from 2005, the Student Health Service and the School Dental Care Service (SDCS) of the Department of Health has adopted a joint enrolment programme. Parent / Guardian requires only one single application form to participate in both health care services.

Students are smiling.
Student of participating schools can enroll through their schools at the beginning of each school year. Parent should complete the application form and return it to the school with the required fee.

Students of non-participating schools can also join our service individually. Parents can contact the school dental clinic of their choice for enquiry and enrolment.
To search for the name of the school dental clinic or the student health centre where your school belongs, please provide the following information:

Please note:
Only primary school students under the age of 18 as at 1st September of current year are eligible to join the SDCS.
In special circumstances, if your child has reached the primary school level and has not yet joined the SDCS through the above methods, please contact our staff at nearby school dental clinics for enquiry.

Since 1st September 2003, participants of the School Dental Care Service have been charged according to their “Eligible Person” and “Non-eligible Person” status.

“Eligible Person” is a participant who holds one of the following identity documents:
  1. Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card / Hong Kong Identity Card (subject to further checking)
  2. Hong Kong Birth Certificate with permanent resident status of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)indicated as “ESTABLISHED”
  3. Hong Kong Birth Certificate with permanent resident status of HKSAR indicated as “NOT ESTABLISHED”, but the Permit to Remain in the HKSAR shows that:
    1. unconditional stay in HKSAR has been granted
    2. the holder is permitted to remain until (date) and provided that the holder is not a visitor and has not overstayed in Hong Kong
  4. HKSAR Passport
  5. HKSAR Re-entry Permit
  6. HKSAR Document of Identity for Visa Purpose bearing valid visa endorsement to stay in Hong Kong
  7. Travel documents with one of the following labels / stamps issued by Immigration Department:
    1. “The right to land in Hong Kong”
    2. “The holder was permitted to land”
    3. “Previous conditions of stay are hereby cancelled”
    4. “Eligibility for Hong Kong permanent identity card verified”
    5. “Certificate of Entitlement to the right of abode in HKSAR”
    6. “Unconditional stay”(subject to further checking)
    7. “Permitted to remain until (date)” / “permission to remain extended until (date)”provided that the holder is not a visitor and has not overstayed in Hong Kong (subject to further checking)
  8. Certificate of Exemption
  9. Consular Corps Identity Card

With effect from 1 September 2018 (i.e. 2018 -2019 school year), participants with “Eligible Person” status are required to pay a nominal fee of HK$30. For participants with “Non-eligible Person” status, the charge is HK$725.

All participants are required to submit the completed application form together with HK$30 to the school office. After receiving the application forms, the SDCS will contact the parents / guardians of those participants with “Non-eligible Person” status for further verification of their eligibility and issue a demand note to them for payment of the balance of HK$695.

Please note:
Application will only be accepted after full payment is verified. Once enrolled, the fee is not refundable.